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Products and solutions, 2006-09-19, 11:02 AM

BONDAL® makes engines quieter

Sound creates heat - or at least it does when it comes into contact with vibration-damping composites of steel and plastic. BONDAL® from ThyssenKrupp Steel is one such material which is used to significantly reduce the amount of noise from truck engines. The composite is in sandwich design, featuring a resin layer only five hundredths of a millimeter thick between two 0.4 to 1.25 millimeter thick steel sheets. When sound waves trigger vibrations in the composite, the vibration energy is converted into heat. BONDAL® can dampen structure-borne sound by up to 20 decibels. In automotive construction, the material is mainly used for powertrain applications, such as transmission covers, oil pans and drive belt covers.

BONDAL® saves costs by dispensing with the need for secondary acoustic measures such as thick film coatings. Overheating, which can occur when the engine is encapsulated, is also avoided by the composite material. At the IAA Commercial Vehicles show, ThyssenKrupp Steel (hall 17, booth B05) will be presenting an oil pan made of BONDAL® H used by MAN AG in engines for heavy trucks.

BONDAL® is available in three variants, as the viscoelasticity of the resin layer - which is key to the material's damping properties - is temperature dependent. BONDAL® H is suitable for temperatures in the 50 to 130 degree Celsius range, BONDAL® M for 25 to 110 degrees and BONDAL® N for minus 10 to 70 degrees.

BONDAL® can be supplied in a variety of steel grades. The sound-damping composite displays deep-drawing and stretch-forming properties similar to those of comparable single steel sheets. To facilitate resistance welding, a variant is available with electrically conductive pigments in the resin layer. Alternatively, the weld connection can also be made via a bypass circuit. As the resins used for BONDAL® display high elevated temperature resistance, all common painting processes can be used.

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