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Products and solutions, 2005-01-17, 01:00 AM

Fast fitting: Thermodach roof panels with Triplex system

ThyssenKrupp Hoesch Bausysteme GmbH has optimized its Thermodach sandwich panels. The roof panels are now being supplied with the newly developed Triplex joint system. With the Triplex joint, panels can now be installed more easily than comparable roof elements on the market. At the same time they offer better protection against rain, snow and condensation.

Thermodach sandwich panels consist of a hard foam core for thermal insulation and an outer and inner shell of galvanized steel sheet. They are easier to fit because the foam core is now slightly beveled in the joint area. The panels now simply slide into place and are then bolted onto the substructure. Previously, sandwich panels of this type had to be pressed against one another using a special device and bolted under pressure, a complicated operation not without danger high up on a rooftop.

The name Triplex comes from the system`s new sealing concept. Previously one-piece sealing strips fastened to the foam core were used whereas now ThyssenKrupp Hoesch Bausysteme GmbH uses a three-part solution. A sealing strip fastened to the outer sheet ensures that surface water cannot penetrate. Small tolerances are evened out by a middle sealing strip. The third sealing strip on the inner shell completes the vapor barrier and prevents condensation forming in the panel joints.

ThyssenKrupp Hoesch Bausysteme supplies Thermodach roof panels in widths of 1,000 millimeters and thicknesses of 75, 95, 115 and 130 millimeters. The maximum length is 24 meters. The outer and inner sheets are protected against corrosion by a zinc-aluminum coating. Color is provided by a plastic or paint coating, both applied by the coil coating process. In the installed condition, the sandwich panel is classified as a Class B1 low-flammability material according to DIN 4102-1. The hard foam core consists of polyurethane and is free of CFCs and HCFCs.


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