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Company News, 2010-09-22, 02:12 PM

ThyssenKrupp System Engineering and BRAUN CarTec form Joint Venture

In future, ThyssenKrupp System Engineering GmbH, Essen, and BRAUN CarTec GmbH, Schwalbach, will jointly develop and market the technology of hot forming. To this aim, the HFS Hotforming Solutions GmbH was founded. According to clients' orders, this joint venture will develop component suggestions with harmonised processes and will acquire orders for both partners in the fields of toolmaking and plant construction, mechanical engineering and die construction, in the manufacture of hot-forming equipment and the corresponding service features.

HFS Hotforming Solutions combines in a unique way Braun CarTec's cutting-edge know-how in hot forming and ThyssenKrupp Engineering's expert knowledge in the global system business of plant construction and toolmaking. In combination with ThyssenKrupp System Engineering's global sales network, both joint venture partners will be able to cover the overall process chain in "hot forming".

Hot forming is one of the key technologies for weight reduction in bodyshell construction. It also contributes to emission reduction, one of the foremost aims of the automotive industry. The application of super high-strength material combined with the reduction of sheet thickness allows to save weight. However, these materials only allow for limited forming when using conventional techniques. Hot forming opens up new design options up to integral parts, therefore significantly decreasing the necessary input of material in comparison to "cold" forming solutions. The greatest potential lies in bracing structures where we expect a far-reaching substitution from cold to hot-formed parts.

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