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Company News, 2007-11-21, 01:05 PM

Presta receives major production and development orders from BMW

ThyssenKrupp Presta Steering has received a production order from BMW to supply the steering column for the X3, 3 and 1 series models. The company has also received a development order from BMW for the steering gears for several models. This is the biggest order in Presta’s history.

OEMs are currently making great efforts to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Customers will also pay greater attention than ever in the future to CO2 emissions and how environmentally friendly vehicles are. The CO2 debate offers innovative companies great opportunities for growth. A significant contribution to reducing fuel consumption can be made by switching from conventional hydraulic steering systems to electromechanical steering systems. Auto manufacturers will increasingly fit future models with these steering systems. The use of electromechanical steering systems not only offers advantages in terms of fuel consumption, but also above all in driving dynamics, comfort and safety. Speed-sensitive steering, automatic parking, side wind compensation through to collision avoidance can all be realized through automatic evasion maneuvers. According to Guido Durrer, CEO Presta Steering, Presta has been developing forward-looking steering systems for several years. At the end of September, BMW commissioned Presta to develop and supply the full steering system for several models. This includes the steering column and the electromechanical steering gears. The intention is to use them in future production models. For Presta, this is the first step toward these new steering systems; further orders are expected to follow. From mechanics to electronics: The cooperation with BMW is a milestone in Presta’s company history. The ability to develop new markets with new technologies and innovations has always been a characteristic of Presta. The step toward electronics and thus also toward mechatronic steering systems signifies a change for Presta in the development process, in expertise and through to supplier management. Accordingly, in recent years a workforce of over 100 electrical engineers for soft- and hardware development has been established in Eschen and above all the electronics center in Budapest. As the majority of vehicles will be fitted with these types of system in the future, this change is a logical step for Presta. It will create further highly attractive jobs for Presta employees and for the Principality of Liechtenstein in the future.

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