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Products and solutions, 2008-04-15, 01:04 PM

Master of all trades

Although the process industry wants complex industrial maintenance tasks from a single source, scarcely any service providers are staffed to do so. When Essen's Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH was looking for an industrial service provider for the complete refurbishment of the plant's own pipe bridges, ThyssenKrupp Xervon was able to clinch the contract – precisely because the Gelsenkirchen-based maintenance specialists deliver the full complement of trades.

At the long-established Goldschmidt plant, where the Care & Surface Specialities division produces highly active chemical substances under strict safety regulations, large sums are consistently invested in the modernization and preservation of the installations. This includes the refurbishment of all the pipe bridges at the highly ramified production location. ThyssenKrupp Xervon successfully restored a first 100 meter section at the beginning of the year. The follow-up order for the next 100 meters is currently in progress.

The steel erection, corrosion protection, insulation and scaffold erection services are organized and managed by a multi-trades project manager. He supervises and coordinates the work, serves as the interface between his team and the customer, and is the sole contact for the customer, whatever the issue.

Safety first

It is the insistence on safety above all that makes the refurbishment project at Goldschmidt into a job calling for a pronounced sense of responsibility. In itself, there's nothing particularly challenging for a scaffold erector to scaffold an eight meter wide and six meter high steel pipe bridge and give it a dust-tight enclosure for sandblasting and coating. It is also an everyday job for the steel erector to replace corroded components. However, the seemingly innocuous pipes on the bridges pose a high risk potential. And the same is true of the surrounding installations. This is why the maintenance work demands full attention and strict compliance with all safety regulations.

Extensive steel erection

The timing and precise scale of the work are closely coordinated by the Xervon multi-trades expert Detlef Lengwenus with Goldschmidt's project management. "I define the first rough items and integrate them in a fine deadline plan and progress chart when the actual damage becomes visible after sandblasting." Already underway by this time is the prefabrication of new steel components, which will later be installed in the pipe bridges. The Xervon corrosion protectors are also involved in this preparatory work, priming the galvanized steel parts in the steel mill.

The steel erection work to be carried out is extensive. A large proportion of the pipe bridges is being reinforced for the future, while some areas are being removed. Part by part, the steel erectors cut and unscrew many tons of steel out of the intricate bridges. Entire top and bottom chords are being added – in accordance with structural calculations and drawings, which are also included in the scope of the order.

The work also includes the control and upgrading of all pipe bearings. If these have to be aligned or even replaced, the insulation specialists are brought into action. These remove the insulation from the pipes at the places concerned and subsequently re-fit it correctly. During the last phase of refurbishment, the pipe bridges are then given a new, four-film coat of anti-corrosive paint.
After the refurbishment work successfully completed to date – without a single industrial accident – ThyssenKrupp Xervon is confident of being awarded the contract for the four remaining pipe bridge sections.

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