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Company News, 2012-07-04, 06:12 PM

New heads of Legal and Compliance at ThyssenKrupp

In making the succession arrangements for Dr. Thomas Kremer – since June a member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom – at Corporate Center Legal and Compliance, ThyssenKrupp has elected to split the two areas. At Legal there will be an external solution and at Compliance an internal succession:

The new General Counsel of ThyssenKrupp will be Arne Wittig (50), hitherto General Counsel/Germany/Central and Eastern Europe with Deutsche Bank. The new Chief Compliance Officer will be Dr. Christoph Klahold (41).

At Deutsche Bank, Arne Wittig led a team of more than 100 legal experts. His responsibilities included providing comprehensive legal counsel to the bank in Germany on all aspects of the banking business but also on stock corporation law and corporate governance.

“In Arne Wittig we have recruited a high-caliber new General Counsel who through his many years of work at Deutsche Bank brings wide-ranging experience in providing legal counsel to a leading DAX company,” says Dr. Jürgen Claassen, responsible for Legal and Compliance on the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp.

In the compliance area, ThyssenKrupp has chosen an internal succession solution. Christoph Klahold has been with ThyssenKrupp since 2000 and played a major part in developing the ThyssenKrupp Compliance Program.

“We are pleased that in Christoph Klahold we are able to appoint an outstanding internal candidate as the Group’s new Chief Compliance Officer. This is in line with our aim to maintain the leading position of the ThyssenKrupp Compliance Program among the DAX 30 companies,” explains Jürgen Claassen.

In fall 2011 the ThyssenKrupp Compliance Program became the first compliance management system of a DAX company to be certified as appropriate, implemented and effective in accordance with the new IDW PS 980 standard of the German Institute of Public Auditors (IDW).

By splitting legal and compliance, ThyssenKrupp is following the trend among DAX companies. Dr. Jürgen Claassen will remain responsible for both areas on the Executive Board.

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