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Products and solutions, 2004-10-26, 02:00 AM

Colaminat: Coil coating for corporate identity

Colaminat is the name of a special coil coating product that ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG will be displaying at Euroblech in Hanover. The product is made by the Color profit center of ThyssenKrupp Stahl and consists of prepainted steel strip with an additional film coating of transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The paint and film coating are applied in a continuous process on coil coating lines.

There are numerous applications for Colaminat, particularly in the appliance and food sectors. The advertising industry can also benefit from the design possibilities offered by the paint and film coated steel. For example, in hall 14, booth F 14 ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG will be presenting a refrigerator from Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH with a case made of printed Colaminat. The print is located under the surface of the film and so cannot scratch or wear over time.

This effect is achieved by ink sublimation printing, a process in which the ink penetrates the PET at high temperature and only solidifies at the boundary between the film and the paint coating below. Steel printed in this way can be subsequently formed and for example processed into cases for domestic appliances. However, the engineers from the Color profit center have strong hopes for Colaminat steel not just in households and restaurants but also on advertising and information signs or on printed steel wall panels.

The coil coating process is much more economical than batch coating. The steel passes through the coil coating line once only. The organic coating is applied first and then the plastic film is bonded to the still hot paint at a second station. Special paints are used to which the PET film adheres particularly firmly. Printing of the co-laminated steel is carried out by the user or a specialized service provider.

Colaminat also opens up new possibilities in the food industry. For example, the PVC coated steel panels used in cold rooms could be replaced by chlorine-free Colaminat. Colaminat is just as hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to chemicals. Colaminat is certified to meet all the requirements of German food safety laws and regulations.


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