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Company News, 2005-12-12, 11:01 AM

Winners of the Steel Reporters 2005 competition

Katja Kraft from Coesfeld, Anne and Felix Spira from Herzogenrath and Jenny Miosga from Duisburg are the winners of the Steel Reporters 2005 competition staged this year for the first time by ThyssenKrupp Steel AG in conjunction with Verband Junge Presse Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. The aim is to support budding journalists and at the same time awaken young people's interest in steel.

Katja Kraft and the Spira siblings, who entered a joint report, shared first prize, with third prize going to Jenny Miosga. The winners were chosen by a panel consisting of RTL editor-in-chief Peter Kloeppel, TV journalist Jean Pütz, the business journalist Hans-Willy Bein from Süddeutsche Zeitung and Christian Kolb from Verband Junge Presse NRW. The winners received certificates from Dieter Kroll, HR director of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG, and Peter Kloeppel. The joint first prize winners each received 1,250 euros, with 500 euros for third place.

The 28 students from North Rhine-Westphalia who took part in the Steel Reporters 2005 competition spent two days at ThyssenKrupp Steel on June 11 and 12. Saturday, the first day of the competition, included a tour of the company's integrated iron and steel mill, where participants were able to see all the important steps involved in the production of steel at first hand.

After spending the night at the youth hostel in Landschaftspark Nord, the task on Sunday was to condense all the impressions and information gathered the previous day into an interesting report. Business journalist Hans-Willy Bein from Süddeutsche Zeitung was on hand to provide professional tips on finding the right wording and to help the young journalists add the final polish to their articles.

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