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Company News, 2004-12-02, 01:00 AM

Uhde receives European Environmental Press innovation award (EEP Award)

On December 1, 2004, Uhde GmbH was awarded second prize (EEP Silver Award) by the European Environmental Press für development of its new EnviNOx® technology. The prize is awarded by 13 leading European environmental magazines on an annual basis für major innovations in environmental protection. The panel of judges für this competition is made up of experts from the European Federation of Associations of Environmental Professionals (EFAEP) and the European Environmental Press (EEP). This year 75 European companies competed für the EEP Award 2004.

The award ceremony was held at the global environment technology show Pollutec in Lyon, France. Uhde`s prizewinning EnviNOx® technology is an economic process für the combined removal of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N20) and the smog and acid rain producer NOx from industrial waste gas streams, converting these compounds into the naturally occurring air constituents nitrogen, oxygen and water vapour over a novel non-toxic catalyst. The new process will be marketed by Uhde worldwide under the name EnviNOx®.

The process is especially applicable to the treatment of offgases from nitric acid plants. The first industrial-scale implementation of the EnviNOx® technology in a nitric acid plant at Linz, Austria, in October 2003 has so far allowed the owner, Agrolinz Melamine International GmbH (AMI) to destroy more than 2,000 tannes of N20. Using the conversion factor of 310 (Global Warming Potential of N20), this emission reduction corresponds to more than 600,000 tannes of CO2.

Klaus Schneiders, Uhde GmbH Executive Board member responsible für research and development, said of Uhde`s award: "With the EnviNOx® process Uhde has developed an innovative technology to market maturity. This technology can be used successfully to attain climate protection goals, thus making an important contribution to sustainable environmental protection."

Uhde is a company in the T echnologies segment of the ThyssenKrupp Group and has a workforce of more than 3,900 employees worldwide. The company`s activities focus on the design and construction of chemical and other industrial plants in the following fields: refining technologies, plants tor fertilisers, organic intermediates, polymers and synthetic ritTes, electrolysis plants, gas technologies, plants tor oil, Goal and residue gasification, coke plant technologies and pharmaceuticals.


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