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Products and solutions, 2001-07-31, 02:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp HiServ launched - facility management services of the highest quality

ThyssenKrupp is combining its facility systems services in the new ThyssenKrupp HiServ GmbH, bringing together the activities of the former companies Altmann & Böhning GmbH, ESA Elektrotechnik, Stark- und Schwachstrom-Anlagen GmbH, Kessler + Luch GmbH & Co. KG and Thyssen Gebäudemanagement GmbH in a single organization. Official registration of the company in Düsseldorf will take retroactive effect at June 25, 2001. Its head office will be in Oberhausen.

ThyssenKrupp HiServ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thyssen Facility Management GmbH, part of the ThyssenKrupp Group`s Serv segment. With 2,300 employees and a close-knit network of branches throughout Germany and Europe, the company will generate sales in the current year of around euro350 million. The management board is made up of Dr. Heinz-Werner Grebe, Volker Jahn, Peter Jelich and Bernhard Wildt.

ThyssenKrupp HiServ offers an unusually broad range, taking in the development, design and construction of complex facility supply and control systems, the operation and servicing of these systems as well as comprehensive in-house facility management services, in which its engineering disciplines play a particularly important part.

"With ThyssenKrupp HiServ we are looking to focus even more closely on our core capabilities in the technically and organizationally demanding facility management sector", says Dr. Johst Hinrich Weber, director of the Facilities Services business unit on the executive board of ThyssenKrupp Serv. "Pooling our activities makes us not only one of the biggest providers of facility services, but also one of the most efficient."

ThyssenKrupp Serv AG brings together all aspects of industrial and commercial facility services, from classic machine maintenance through to IT and communication services. It has 25,000 employees worldwide and generated sales of some two billion euros in the past fiscal year. Together with ThyssenKrupp Materials AG it forms the ThyssenKrupp Group`s service sector.

Claudia Zimmermann, Tel: (02 11) 967 9232

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