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Products and solutions, 2006-10-24, 09:03 AM

New product options for PLADUR® M

PLADUR® M is an organic coated steel which is now being used by a leading home appliance manufacturer in the production of kitchen ranges. PLADUR® M was developed by the coating specialists of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG and is available in different options giving users diverse possibilities for the individual design of their products.

PLADUR® M, the M stands for Metal Look, is a hot-dip galvanized steel sheet covered with a metallized decorative film applied by coil coating. The metallized film gives the steel the appearance of high-price materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel or titanium.

Thanks to the easy-clean properties of the film surface, dirt and fingerprints are easy to remove. At the same time the Market and Innovation team at the Color Profit Center of ThyssenKrupp Steel has succeeded in perfecting the system of steel strip, adhesive and decorative film to a stage where common processing methods such as deep drawing, folding, rollforming and punching are possible with PLADUR® M.

PLADUR® M offers a multitude of design possibilities. Users can select not only different metallic looks but also different levels of shine, e.g. glossy, matt or brushed finishes. Colored translucent variants are also available. Products made from PLADUR® M have a characteristic high-quality look, achieved at comparatively low cost. Standard options available at the moment include brightSteel finish, titanium finish and aluminium finish. If they order enough, customers can choose their own individual PLADUR® M design. In addition to the appliance and electrical goods industries, the Color Profit Center also supplies PLADUR®M to the construction and elevator industries, for example for interior paneling.

PLADUR® M is halogen and PVC-free. Hexavalent chromium-free systems are used exclusively in the pretreatment of the steel strip. ThyssenKrupp Steel produces PLADUR®M at its Ferndorf plant in the Siegerland area. The product is available in coils or cut lengths, with or without a strippable protective film.

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