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Company News, 2010-09-08, 03:36 PM

Environmental award for InCar

The ThyssenKrupp Group’s InCar project won second prize at this year’s ÖkoGlobe (EcoGlobe) awards. The ÖkoGlobe awards, presented by insurance group DEVK-Versicherungen and automobile club ACV Automobil-Club Verkehr with scientific support from the ÖkoGlobe Institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen, honor sustainable innovations in the field of mobility. The award ceremony was held in Cologne in the presence of German Environment Minister Dr. Norbert Röttgen. Röttgen emphasized that reducing CO2 emissions from road vehicles is essential if climate protection targets are to be met. “Every new technology needs the inventiveness and drive of engineers,” he said in praise of the contribution made by engineers to environmental protection.

More than 100 entries were submitted to this year’s ÖkoGlobe contest by automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as mobility providers such as German Railways. The ÖkoGlobe is awarded in ten categories. InCar came second in the category “Supplier Innovations”. In the opinion of the panel of judges: “The InCar solutions permit an overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions over the lifecycle of a vehicle. This modular system from ThyssenKrupp represents a significant innovative advance in the automotive industry.” The chairman of the high-ranking panel is the renowned automobile expert Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Director of the CAR-Center for Automotive Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

InCar is a research and development initiative launched by the ThyssenKrupp Group for innovations in automotive engineering. The project, which was concluded at the end of 2009, includes more than 30 innovations for the body, powertrain and chassis. The solutions permit savings of 5,500 kilograms CO2 per vehicle, including emissions during production and use. From driving alone, InCar reduces pollution by more than 17 grams per kilometer. The lifecycle assessment for InCar has been certified by TÜV Nord.

Alongside climate protection, the InCar project also focused on reducing costs and improving functions. The project combines the entire automotive expertise of the ThyssenKrupp Group. It is the first time an automotive supplier has marketed such a extensive package of OEM-independent innovations. The innovations have been comprehensively validated, enabling automotive OEMs to integrate them as smoothly as possible into production. The first InCar components have already been ordered by carmakers.

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