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Products and solutions, 2006-01-16, 08:59 AM

Jesus Christ Superstar on acrylic glass

St. Mary's Cathedral in Erfurt is one of Germany's most magnificent churches. Each year in late summer its imposing steps linking it with the equally impressive St. Severus Church form the setting for the "Festival on the Cathedral Steps", which last year included a production of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Andrew Lloyd Webber's work is an orgy of light and color, and the production by Erfurt City Theater impressed spectators and critics alike, thanks also to the efforts of ThyssenKrupp Schulte.

The materials specialists have worked closely with the theater for many years. This time the theater again turned to the Erfurt branch of ThyssenKrupp Schulte to supply materials for the stage, which was to take the shape of a 200 square meter horizontal cross capable of being illuminated in different colors from below. One important requirement was for uniform light dispersion - no fluorescent tubes should be visible. For the dance sections the surface had to be nonslip and allow high local loading. The stage also had to be capable of surviving the production's two-week run without suffering any major degradation in appearance.

Based on these requirements for the ambitious project, the plastics experts at ThyssenKrupp Schulte proposed a catalogue of suitable products. The choice fell on 20 millimeter thick extruded acrylic glass panels with a special nonslip satin finish for the intended use. It was a good choice, also from the point of view of cost.
The imposing steps - 70 in all and more than 20 meters wide - were fully integrated into the production, and the bottom-lit cruciform stage, framed by two steel towers, was also a magnet for tourists and locals during the day. Despite the rainy late summer in 2005 the performances of this wonderful production attracted visitors from the whole of Germany as well as neighboring countries. All 13 performances were sold out.

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