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Company News, 2006-04-04, 01:30 PM

ThyssenKrupp opens dialogue on "Future and technology" - Major online survey launched

Discussion of technical developments and future issues should not be restricted to specialists. Everyone should be able to join in, for technology is now an integral part our day-to-day lives and will play a greater part than ever in shaping our future. In an attempt to promote a more open dialogue on future issues, ThyssenKrupp in conjunction with TNS Infratest Bielefeld is launching a major online survey in preparation for the Ideas Park 2006. Anyone can take part and give their opinion on around 30 important questions relating to the future. Young people in particular are encouraged to get involved.

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Results of the online survey to be followed up actively at the Ideas Park 2006

The online survey will give young people - and interested adults - the opportunity to express how they see their own future and what they think about issues such as education, technology, knowledge, future technologies, environment, mobility and globalization.

As a thank you for taking part, all respondents will be entered in a draw for 100 book vouchers each worth 20 euros.

The results of the online survey will be followed up in workshops at the Ideas Park 2006 in Hanover with the participation of visitors. From the middle of April, an online registration facility will be available for anyone who would like to attend one of the many workshops.

Repeat performance of a fascinating technology show: The Ideas Park 2006 in Hanover

The previous Ideas Park in Gelsenkirchen in 2004 was a great success, attracting 60,000 visitors over just three days. This year's Ideas Park 2006 is being held on the Expo site in Hanover from May 20 to 28, 2006. Admission is free. The show will feature over 100 technical exhibits, presented and explained by the people behind them. Central to everything will be the questions "What is the future?" and "What part will technology play?" These and other questions will be debated in various workshops, podium discussions and dialogue events.

The Ideas Park 2006 is being staged by ThyssenKrupp in conjunction with around 50 top-class partners from the worlds of business, science, politics, the media and sports. A key objective of the event is to encourage more young people to study science and engineering. To help in this, numerous celebrities have been invited, from Nobel prize winners and astronauts to Olympic athletes and world champions. A further aim of the event is to trigger a fresh, more intensive debate in society on "technology and the future".

The online survey and the Ideas Park 2006 are closely related to social and economic challenges. To quote just one example: China trains around 400,000 engineers every year, Germany just 40,000. This is a matter worthy of greater attention. For more information, go to:

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