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Products and solutions, 2001-05-15, 02:00 AM

Timtec Telematik and DaimlerChrysler cooperate in the telematics area

It will be announced at the "transport logistic 2001": Timtec Telematik, a company of the ThyssenKrupp Information Services Group, and DaimlerChrysler are working together on Internet-based telematic solutions for the utility vehicle sector. Timtec Telematik`s service portfolio supplements DaimlerChrysler`s telematics-supported Internet service "Mercedes Benz FleetBoard". Objective of the strategic cooperation is to jointly develop and market Internet-based fleet management applications. In addition, customers are to be offered telematic concepts that take complete road trains, so truck & trailer applications, into account.

Central theme of the cooperation is the integration of trailer and truck data. In this context, one differentiates between data concerning the load (cargo), data describing the technical state of the trailer and logistic data (location, route itinerary). Timtec Telematik has already developed electronic components (Trailer Telematikbox), software and telematic services with which vehicle-related and logistic data is captured. In the course of the cooperation, these solutions can be completely integrated into the service provided by FleetBoard-Transporting and -Mapping. Since the Timtec Telematikbox is an autarchic system with its own power supply, it is not always dependent on the trailer`s on-board voltage and functions even when the trailer is unattached and standing in a depot. The advantage to the customer: He can, for example, access temperature values and the position of the trailer online and thus, among other things, verify the continuous control of the cold chain. In addition, theft is made much more difficult thanks to tracking.

Technical trailer data such as lighting status, brake lining wear, condition of the pneumatic suspension or tires and data on waiting time at the ramp is to be integrated into FleetBoard-Trucking as soon as the trailer supplies the respective data.

Timtec Telematik takes a leading market position in autarchic and semi-autarchic telematic system solutions for rail and combined traffic. The company has already realized complete system solutions in large projects and has contributed all the information and support services required in their course. FleetBoard provides all vehicle pool information, unlimited in time and space, as an Internet service for the technical and dispatch-related management of trucking fleets. The service provider takes a leading market position in the trucking area.

Due to the cooperation partners` market position, the announced strategic collaboration affords the opportunity of standardizing, for the first time, telematic services for truck & trailer. Deployment of Telematik`s respective hardware is possible in all vehicle makes and does not lead to a hard-to-handle disarray of different manufacturer-specific technology platforms. For the customer, this signifies a well-founded decision and hence a secure investment. Thanks to the data services` compatibility, FleetBoard as well as specific Timtec services, too, can be deployed according to the customer`s wishes. The Timtec services are made useable to the customer in CargoView. CargoView is an Internet portal developed for the transport industry and tuned to essential logistic processes.

Timtec Telematik GmbH

The Timtec Telematik GmbH, headquartered in Luenen, is a company of the ThyssenKrupp Information Services Group. Timtec Telematik is Europe`s market leader in autarchic telematic systems for rail-bound and combined freight traffic.

The company offers solutions in the sense of one-stop shopping. It advises its customers in the introduction of solutions that help optimize business processes; it implements and operates the systems. The range of services that Timtec Telematik offers encompasses essentially the areas of telematic systems, logistics software and Internet solutions as well as the design and operation of information, eCommerce/eLogistic and systems house services.

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