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Products and solutions, 2006-09-26, 11:37 AM

Lower weight, greater precision

ThyssenKrupp Presta SteerTec is presenting the RS 5 - the world's largest rack-and-pinion steering system for trucks - at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2006 show in Hanover. This hydraulically assisted steering gear was developed for vehicles with front axle loads of up to six metric tons.

Made of aluminum to reduce weight, the steering system housing features an integrated valve and steel tube housing. The steering gear is designed for a system pressure of 155 bar and flow rates of up to 16 liters per minute. Depending on customer requirements, steering gears can be supplied with constant or variable steering ratios and variable steering rack displacement. The rotary valve permits a wide range of valve characteristics allowing optimum design of the steering system in terms of operating comfort and vehicle safety.

The new arrangement of the steering gear in the vehicle enhances crash performance and makes optimum use of packaging space. The axle and steering gear can be preassembled to simplify final assembly in the vehicle.

Freightliner will be the first truck manufacturer to use the new rack-and-pinion steering system in its Columbia, Coronado, Century Class S/T and Classics models. Alongside its outstanding handling, the lower weight of the new system compared with standard solutions was a major factor in the company's decision to use it.

The new rack-and-pinion steering system from ThyssenKrupp Presta SteerTec can be used with both conventional and air-spring solid-axle suspensions as well as independent suspension systems. This takes the truck segment into an entirely new dimension in terms of handling and ride comfort.

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