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Products and solutions, 2006-04-07, 12:00 PM

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems hand over Container Ship to CONTI Shipping Company

With the participation of representatives of the shipping company and the shipyard the hand-over ceremony of the 2,700 TEU container ship CONTI EMDEN took place today. The Emden based Nordseewerke - a company of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems - have herewith handed over another ship of their successful container ship series. The container ship was handed over to the owner the Putzbrunn / Munich-based CONTI shipping company.

After the hand-over ceremony the CONTI EMDEN, commanded by Captain Kossak, left the shipyard towards Antwerpen in order to load its first cargo. Then, the journey continues to Hong Kong via the ports of Pireus, Djedda, Jebel Ali (Dubai), Bandar Abbas, Colombo, Port Kelang (Kuala Lumpur) Singapore and Chivan.

The shipping house of the CONTI EMDEN is the Elsfleth-based MARTIME shipping company. Today, 20 ships built by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems are already cruising under MARTIME's flag.

The Emden-built 2,700 TEU class as well as the new developed 3,400 TEU class demonstrate the consistent adaptation of Nordseewerke's container ships to the actual and future market requirements. These ships can be employed economically as feeders as well as as liners.

Orders for five additional ships with a capacity of 2,700 TEU and two with a capacity of more than 3,400 TEU have been placed at the shipyard.

The container ship CONTI EMDEN was built according to German Lloyd regulations and features the following main technical data:
・ Overall length: 215.45 m
・ Length between perpendiculars: 205.28 m
・ Moulded breadth: 29.80 m
・ Moulded depth: 16.50 m
・ Strength draft: 11.55 m
・ Load draft: 10.10 m
・ Deadweight (T=11.55 m): 37,950 t
・ Container capacity : 2,702 TEU
・ Propulsion 100% MCR: 21,770 kW at 108 rpm
MARTIME Gesellschaft für maritime Dienstleistungen mbH
The Elsfleth-based shipping company runs a fleet of 28 different ships, e.g. container ships, liquefied-gas and chemical tankers. Additional six new building orders have been placed.

CONTI Shipping Company
Presently, 71 container ships of different size are in commission or being built for this company. The total capacity of CONTI's container ship fleet is about 320,000 TEU (TEU stands for a standard container of 20' length). With a share of more than 3.3 % in the world's container ship fleet the CONTI shipping company is one of the world's greatest owner of container ships.

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