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Company News, 2004-05-24, 02:00 AM

Uhde acquires the engineering company INVENTA-FISCHER

With retrospective effect from January 1, 2004, Uhde GmbH of Dortmund, Germany, has acquired a 100% shareholding in INVESTA-FISCHER, with branches in Domat/Ems (near Chur, Switzerland) and Berlin, Germany. INVENTA-FISCHER is a member of the Swiss EMS group and employs in total some 160 employees. The transaction is still awaiting approval from the monopolies commission.

INVENTA-FISCHER designs and builds industrial plants for the production of synthetic fibres and polymers and has a large number of proprietary processes, including first-class processes for the production of PET bottle feedstocks, technical and industrial yarns, textile fibres, filaments and tyre cord. The technologies are constantly being refined to meet increasing product requirements at the company`s own research and development facilities.

"Through the acquisition of INVENTA-FISCHER, the leading company in the construction of plants for the production of polyester and polyamide, Uhde, an internationally experienced plant contractor, will strategically expand its range of processes in the field of polymers;" said Executive Board member Klaus Schneiders.

Uhde is a company in the Technologies segment of the ThyssenKrupp group and has a workforce of more than 3,700 employees worldwide. The company`s activities focus on the design and construction of chemical and other industrial plants in the following fields: refining technologies, fertilisers, organic intermediates and polymers, electrolysis, gas technologies, gasification of oil, coal and residues, coking technologies and pharmaceuticals.

FILAMENTS: Continuous-filament yarn, which is used as industrial fabric for car tyres and truck tarpaulins, for example.
POLYMERS: They leave the production plants as specially modified materials in the form of pellets, from which the plastics processing industry produces bottles, film and mouldings.


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Uhde GmbH
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