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Products and solutions, 2006-04-20, 11:01 AM

A strong link - 40 years in the professional league

Bright, transparent, appealing and modern - this is the impression the ARD "Sportschau" sports program gives in its new studio environment. Nothing distracts from the presenter, the words and pictures or the interviewee.

Professionals naturally prefer to work with other professionals - there are no failures, no fouls and no tricks. The material AcrylArte ultimately proved the most suitable for the very precise specifications and wishes of a discerning customer such as German TV station ARD for the renovation of the studio used for its "Sportschau" sports program. Together with its partner ThyssenKrupp Schulte, Franz Kunststofftechnik ensured that the high-tech product was supplied and processed professionally.

AcrylArte is a high-quality cast acrylic. It refracts light from its polished edges in a fascinating way and is characterized by largely stress-free flat surfaces. It is virtually perfect for the purposes of the ARD studio set and, for the experienced plastics engineers at Franz, tailor-made for the demanding processing task.
ARD is correspondingly pleased with the results. Presenters and studio technicians alike have hailed the realization of the creative idea as a success and Sportschau fans are delighted that the program has been given a completely new look.

Ekkehard Franz Kunststofftechnik, located in Wassenberg near Aachen, has been in the professional league of plastics processors for over 40 years. Their motto: "We get plastics into shape". Franz works predominantly in mechanical engineering and trade fair construction, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, medical equipment as well as advertising and display technology.

The company, now in its second generation and managed by Hendrik Franz, has placed its trust in ThyssenKrupp Schulte Kunststoffe in Aachen for 40 years. They value the incredibly wide range of quality plastics and rapid availability through the ThyssenKrupp Schulte Logistics Center in nearby Düsseldorf.

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