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Capital market-relevant press releases, 2007-01-19, 07:30 AM

Positive performance continued in first quarter

ThyssenKrupp continued the positive performance of the past fiscal year in the first quarter of 2006/2007. Initial provisional figures for the first three months October to December 2006 show pre-tax earnings of €1 billion (Q1 2005/2006: €425.1 million, Q4 2005/2006: €618.6 million). Order intake rose to €13.0 billion (Q1 2005/2006: €11.6 billion) and sales to €12.2 billion (Q1 2005/2006: €10.9 billion).

Executive Board Chairman Dr. Ekkehard Schulz: “Maintaining the high current quality of earnings is a key priority. ThyssenKrupp’s target for earnings before taxes is 2.5 billion euros. Having exceeded this figure in 2005/2006 we are confident of doing the same in the current fiscal year. This assumes that the world economy remains stable and energy prices stay within manageable limits.”

ThyssenKrupp is pursuing a forward strategy with sustainable high earnings. All segments will contribute to the further growth. The aim is to take the first step to sales of 50 billion euros as quickly as possible. 60 percent of this will be generated by the production of materials and capital goods, 40 percent by service-oriented businesses. In a second step the aim is to achieve Group sales of 55 to 60 billion euros in the next five years. Executive Board Chairman Dr. Ekkehard Schulz: “Our good performance with first-quarter earnings of €1 billion confirms our forecast for the current fiscal year.”

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