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Products and solutions, 2001-09-13, 02:00 AM

It`s about EDI and just-in-sequence: Triaton presents integrated eBusiness solutions for the automobile industry at the IAA 2001 in Frankfurt

The Triaton GmbH, a company of ThyssenKrupp Information Services and a leading international systems house, is presenting a part of its extensive portfolio for the automobile industry at the IAA 2001 in Frankfurt (hall 4.1, booth C 24, at the joint stand of ThyssenKrupp Automotive and ThyssenKrupp Steel). The selection ranges from Electronic Data Interchange (EDI, Web EDI), to just-in-sequence solutions using CASTRUM Sequence, up to eBusiness solutions from its eBusiness Framework.

Data for all via Internet

EDI and Web EDI have become a permanent part of eBusiness. With the product CASTRUM WebEDI, Triaton is offering a solution that consistently takes into account the automobile industry´s special requirements as defined by the Automobile Industry Association (VDA).

CASTRUM WebEDI is a ready-to-run solution, already in productive use, that supplements the CASTRUM product family for the automobile industry. Triaton is continuing the further development of the solution and sells as well as operates it. CASTRUM Web EDI can be integrated into existing systems without any difficulties. All EDI protocols are supported. The EDI solution is of interest to companies with at least 1000 employees and revenues of 200 million euro upwards, that operate either as subcontractors or as first-, second- or third-tier suppliers.

Optimal supply with CASTRUM Sequence

In addition, Triaton is presenting its in-house developed SCM solution CASTRUM Sequence. This is a software solution, suited to ultra-failsafe operation, that supports sequence-oriented assembly. CASTRUM Sequence enables system suppliers to produce parallel to the automobile manufacturer`s final assembly line. The system communicates with the manufacturer`s systems and guarantees exactly timed module assemblage as well as just-in-sequence supply of system modules. CASTRUM Sequence is currently already in productive use by companies such as Siemens VDO or ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems at ten locations worldwide.

eBusiness Framework

eBusiness presents companies with great rationalization potentials. Triaton has therefore developed eBusiness Framework applications with which customers can transfer their business processes onto the Internet quickly and estimably. These solutions are ready-to-run applications, which means that the applications contain predefined business processes. That`s why they can be implemented quickly and cost effectively. In addition, adaptation to the customers` individual needs is possible. The benefits: cost savings, process simplification and acceleration. Among other things, the procurement of A-, B- and C-parts over the Internet (eProcurement), invitations to bid via Web, Web shops and the management of customer-related activities and contacts can be handled.

Trade press contact:
Dieter Remy
Phone: +49 (0)2151-83 2314

Business press contact:
Stefan Ettwig
Phone: +49 (0)211-967 5091

Triaton GmbH

The Triaton GmbH, headquartered in Krefeld, is a leading international systems house and a company of the ThyssenKrupp Information Services Group. The company is active worldwide, has 2,500 employees and expects revenues of 800 million DM in the fiscal year 2000/01. Triaton`s aim is to support industrial companies` leap into the eConomy through holistic (plan, build, run) accompaniment of all business processes. With over 500 operated SAP systems, Triaton is one of Europe`s leading SAP service providers. As a company of the ThyssenKrupp corporate group, Triaton sprang from the IT units of Thyssen, Krupp, Hoesch and Hoechst. Thanks to this history, Triaton has many years of industrial experience and is familiar with the complex IT requirements of the automobile industry.

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