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Company News, 2011-02-23, 09:30 AM

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe donates steel memorial to the victims of the Love Parade disaster of July 24, 2010 – apprentices to realize artist’s design

A memorial to the 21 people who died at the Duisburg Love Parade is to be erected at the eastern end of the tunnel on Karl-Lehr-Strasse in Duisburg by the middle of this year. The “Initiative Spendentrauermarsch” (Condolence March Donation Campaign) collected around 26,300 euros in donations for a sculpture and base. Now ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe has offered to build the steel sculpture – designed by Duisburg artist Gerhard Losemann and selected by a panel of judges – free of charge.

Worthy memorial to the victims of the Love Parade

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe Executive Board member Dieter Kroll explained: “By producing the sculpture, we want to help create a worthy memorial to the victims of the Love Parade and at the same time allow the Initiative Spendentrauermarsch to use most of the money collected for the memorial in other ways – for example to support the bereaved or for other social ends.” Steel, the material chosen by panel and artist, is part of the fabric of Duisburg and places an additional obligation on Germany’s biggest steel producer, which is also the city’s biggest employer: “We are honored to be able to construct this memorial; it will be a permanent expression of our sympathies for the victims of last year’s dreadful events.” Representatives of the project group, the judging panel, panel chairman and former mayor Josef Krings and the artist Gerhard Losemann were delighted by the steel company’s offer.

Apprentices to realize the design of the Duisburg-based artist

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe has already formed a working group which will shortly realize the artist’s abstract design in the company’s apprentice workshops in Duisburg-Hamborn. A team of trainers and apprentices will produce the sculpture in the coming weeks. Dieter Kroll explained the young people’s motivation: “By working on the memorial, our apprentices – many of whom were actually at the Love Parade and in part witnessed the tragic events – want to show their solidarity with the victims and those they left behind, and also do something for the city of Duisburg.”

Symbolic: Steel plate with square tubes made of Duisburg steel

The apprentices will produce a 3.45 meter tall steel panel with an arrangement of welded square tubes. The sculpture made of Duisburg steel will have a base measuring 5.50 by 1.30 meters; square tubes attached to the rear – some climbing, some falling, some lying on top of each other – will symbolize the people who, in their panic, attempted to climb the walls behind the tunnel on Karl-Lehr-Strasse. The front will show the date of the disaster and feature a plaque bearing the names of the victims. Under the plans drawn up by the Initiative Spendentrauermarsch, the sculpture is to be in place well before the first anniversary of the accident.

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