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Company News, 2010-09-01, 02:30 PM

328 new apprentices at premium training provider ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG

The new apprentice training year started today at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG. As of September 1 the company has taken on 328 new apprentices in 19 occupations. That brings the total number of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe’s own apprentices to around 1,150. Added to this are roughly 120 apprentices from other companies who are being trained on a contract basis. Apprenticeship training is provided at the company’s Bochum, Duisburg, Dortmund, Kreuztal-Eichen and Finnentrop sites. “With its tradition of providing high-quality apprentice training well beyond its own needs, Germany’s biggest steel producer fulfills its social responsibility for the future of the region,” emphasizes Dieter Kroll, Chief Human Resources Officer at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe.

In Duisburg 214 youngsters embarked on their careers, 58 on commercial apprenticeships and 156 learning technical/industrial occupations. In Bochum there were 47 new apprentices (three commercial, 44 technical/industrial), in Dortmund 31 (four commercial, 27 technical/industrial), and in Kreuztal-Eichen and Finnentrop in the Siegerland region 30 (six commercial, 24 technical/industrial).

To ease the transition from school to working life, all newcomers attend an initiation course from Monday to Friday – the company has been organizing this popular introductory week for around 20 years. For example, the Duisburg-based apprentices are split into groups of roughly 50 and spend the week at youth hostels in Cologne and Bad Neuenahr. This gives them the opportunity to get to know each other, their trainers and team leaders outside the workshop atmosphere. In self-prepared presentations and interviews the apprentices introduce themselves to the others and pick up useful tips about day-to-day work and necessary information about their employer. For example: What does the Board member responsible for me look like? How is the company organized? But also: Where can I park? Where is the canteen? Where do I get my company ID card? A key focus of the introductory week is health and safety – this is particularly important for people starting out on their careers who, experience has shown, frequently make mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. City tours, barbecues and social activities round out this highly popular program.

Incidentally: Applications are now being accepted for 2011. Anyone wishing to start an apprenticeship with ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG in September 2011 can submit an application online at <u></u> The career prospects are particularly good for young people interested in becoming process mechanics or electronics technicians for automation engineering.

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