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Company News, 2007-09-14, 11:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp Schulte invests €3 million in Mannheim

ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH, Germany’s biggest materials services company of ThyssenKrupp Services, has invested at its Mannheim location €3 million in the construction of a new approximately 3,000 m² warehousing, logistics, and processing center as well as in additions to the existing plant and equipment.

The Company and its some 100 employees offer the entire range of rolled and quality steel, stainless and tool steel, nonferrous metals, and plastics. The new processing center is as of now in operation and directly linked to an ultramodern and automated high-bay warehouse.

ThyssenKrupp Schulte Mannheim presently generates sales of around €120 million, mostly through its extensive value-adding services. “We perceive ourselves as a highly efficient supplier of modern materials and special products,” states Branch Manager Werner Eberle, commenting on the business philosophy. “Besides our wide-ranging and in-depth lineup, our customers benefit in particular from cost-efficient materials procurement, the handling of materials scheduling and warehousing, professional processing, shipments arriving just in time for production processes, expert advice, and the takeover of complex business processes.”

The very good workload has recently prompted ThyssenKrupp Schulte to rent an additional 6,000 m² warehousing area in Mannheim. In all, the location now has an area of about 40,000 m². Its special services include customized dimensioning of all kinds of materials in maximum quality. Eberle: “With orders continuing to flow in, our investment lays the foundation for additional jobs and apprenticeships.” Among the regular customers of ThyssenKrupp Schulte Mannheim are numerous large companies within the region. The products and services are used, for example, in giant cranes, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, sports cars and even in the boats taking part in the World Rowing Championships in Munich in August 2007.

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