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Company News, 2006-03-09, 09:31 AM

Concentration of head offices in Duisburg and Essen

The ThyssenKrupp Group plans to concentrate its main corporate head offices at two sites in the coming years. These sites will be Duisburg and Essen. The move will reflect the two registered offices of ThyssenKrupp and is a clear commitment by ThyssenKrupp to Germany and to North Rhine-Westphalia.

The existing site at Duisburg-Hamborn can already be described as a kind of ThyssenKrupp Quarter. The development of ThyssenKrupp-owned land in Essen now provides the opportunity to build a distinct ThyssenKrupp Quarter there as well. In addition, the planned ThyssenKrupp Academy is to be integrated into the Essen site.

The head office buildings of ThyssenKrupp AG and the segment holding companies are currently located at four different sites in the Rhine-Ruhr region. The buildings in the cities of Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen and Bochum are either Group-owned or leased/rented.

The head offices of Steel and Stainless are in Duisburg. ThyssenKrupp Technologies, ThyssenKrupp Real Estate and further companies with over 700 employees in total are based in Essen, ThyssenKrupp Automotive with over 200 employees is located in Bochum, and ThyssenKrupp Services, ThyssenKrupp Elevator and ThyssenKrupp AG with altogether 1,400 employees are based in Düsseldorf.

Excluding Duisburg, the other six head office buildings contain 150,000 square meters of floor space, part of which is leased to outsiders. Centralizing all the offices at one site would lead to space synergies and an optimized space requirement of less than 100,000 square meters.

The construction of the new ThyssenKrupp Quarter in Essen will take place in several phases. A timeframe of up to five years is scheduled for realization of the overall plan. The move by ThyssenKrupp AG from Düsseldorf to Essen is planned for the end of 2008 earliest. The new ThyssenKrupp Quarter is to be located on ThyssenKrupp-owned development land adjacent to Altendorfer Strasse, in the direct vicinity of Essen city center. The overall project could be completed in 2011.

It is planned to hold an architectural competition for the entire new complex. Outstanding, modern and forward-looking architecture is planned for the whole ensemble.

Over 2,000 people will be employed in the newly created ThyssenKrupp Quarter.

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