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Products and solutions, 2002-04-15, 02:00 AM

Logistics specialist turns to material from ThyssenKrupp VDM

Nicrofer 5923 hMo - alloy 59 for tankers

For more than a year HOYER, a leading Hamburg-based global logistics provider, has been using Nicrofer 5923 hMo - alloy 59 from ThyssenKrupp VDM (material No. 2.4605) to build rail tankers. Displaying excellent corrosion resistance in various media, high strength, good formability and weldability, this nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy is the ideal material for tank construction and provides significant advantages over other materials.

When it comes to transporting aggressive chemicals, the demands to be met by tank materials are growing all the time. Tanks must provide a secure enclosure while resisting any attack from or dangerous reaction with the materials being transported. It is equally important to avoid any contamination of the contents which could impair their quality, in some cases to the point of unusability. Tanks must also be able to withstand accidents or collisions so as to prevent the release of dangerous substances.

In the polymer-lined tanks often used to transport chemicals and other aggressive media, the lining may swell or disintegrate. This problem is avoided by using all-metal tanks made from nickel-base alloys, which are also easier to clean and thus prevent material residues from mixing with the next payload.

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