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Products and solutions, 2002-02-21, 01:00 AM

More intelligent business - Triaton makes businessmen successful

Knowledge management package put together in cooperation with Mummert + Partner, Intel and IBM

Successful companies and organizations are in a position to find the right answer to important questions. An exact knowledge of key business indicators, up to date and per mouse click, is becoming more and more important to managers. Success lies in the right information at the right time and the decisions that result from this - knowledge management is in demand. So-called "business intelligence systems" help to master these challenges. And "business intelligence service providing" (BISP) is the icing on the cake.

BISP is a service package with management consulting, implementation and operation of business intelligence solutions and includes training and customer service. To date, there has not yet been a provider of complete integrative solutions of this kind on the market. Triaton, the leading company of ThyssenKrupp Information Services, is Germany`s first IT systems house to put together such a package. Together with its partners Mummert + Partner as well as Intel - and supported by IBM -, Triaton is offering the entire added-value chain connected with the gathered or, as the case may be, to-be-gathered data - product and service are provided from a single source.

These BISP solutions are needed in every company these days. Nearly everywhere, there`s keen interest in how one can gather, evaluate, select, prepare and make data available to a defined circle of users as efficiently as possible for planning, reporting and analysis purposes. Typical examples of use are the upcoming annual business plan or the switch to another accounting standard.

"We help make business processes more transparent and to cut costs", explains Wolfgang Schlippes-Thiede, BISP product manager at Triaton. "To us, BISP isn`t a technology, but a solution. The technology is only a means to an end. And that`s why we address primarily top management and decision-makers in the departments, not the IT department!"

Strong partners

Triaton provides its industrial customers with individual support when it comes to supplying information. For the relevant data is often stored on a decentralized basis, at various locations - so-called insular solutions predominate. The partner network optimizes and supplements customers` already existing BI systems, but also creates completely new solutions. Triaton offers consulting, development and implementation services in close cooperation with Mummert + Partner. In addition, Triaton assumes operator services in its own computer centers. The technology partner IBM supplies the hard- and software. Intel ensures the systems` required "power inside" with its new Itanium processors. In addition, Intel supports the BISP solution`s quick implementation at the customer`s through its Solution Center in Munich. The partners, by the way, work shoulder to shoulder in marketing and selling BISP.

Solution Lab

Customers now have a test center, the so-called BISP Solution Lab, Krefeld, available to them especially for the purpose of putting the BISP components to the acid test. Schlippes-Thiede: "The Solution Lab consists of technical computer center components on the one hand and a multifunction center on the other. This is the development and test environment for present and potential customers` BISP solutions. Here just about anything can be simulated and carried out - from presentation, to project implementation, up to training. Of course, there`s also a direct link (videoconference and network link) to all the participating partners` laboratories."

One large customer already exists: ThyssenKrupp Stahl (steel) has been banking on Business Intelligence made by Triaton since fall, 2001. A BISP solution is being used for the logistics, accounting, personnel - and production planning areas.

Short portrait Triaton

The Triaton GmbH with headquarters in Krefeld is a leading international systems house and a company of the ThyssenKrupp Information Services Group. The firm is active worldwide, has 2,400 employees and attained sales of 360 million euro in the fiscal year 2000/2001. Triaton`s aim is to support industrial companies` leap into the eConomy through holistic (plan, build, run) accompaniment of all business processes. Triaton is a certified SAP Outsourcing Partner and, with over 500 operated SAP systems, one of Europe`s leading SAP service providers.


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