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Products and solutions, 2002-11-27, 01:00 AM

Global availability - satellite communication for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Communication via satellite transcends borders. Distances do not play a role anymore - every corner of the earth can be reached immediately. The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned Triaton, the ThyssenKrupp group`s leading international IT full-service provider, to install a satellite-supported VSAT network between the central office in Berlin and various foreign offices in countries with poor communications infrastructure. The voice and data communication network based on frame relay technology encompasses numerous locations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle America. The project began in September 2002.

Triaton.Spaceline - satellite solutions from analysis to monitoring

The range of services chosen by the ministry of foreign affairs - Triaton.Spaceline - includes the full management of a custom-built communication network according to the "plan, build, run" principle. A small top-performance Customer Care Team ensures the efficient realization of the project. Regular status meetings are being held with those responsible for the project on the part of the ministry of foreign affairs.

Planning and network design were carried out based on a thorough network analysis in keeping with technical and economic requirements. Essential prerequisites were, for example, the deployment of frame relay technology for the efficient use of satellite capacity as well as scalability, meaning the automatic adjustment of bandwidth in line with the communication needs that arise as additional locations are connected.

Network Control Center (NCC) - service exactly according to needs

"The services of our NCC - from online consulting, to fault clearance, up to continuous monitoring of the communication infrastructure - are at the ministry of foreign affairs` disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year", explains Dan Ellenbogen, head of the business unit SatCom at Triaton.

But problem management covers not only fault acceptance and clearance through specialists, but also proactive identification using dependable monitoring tools, documentation, tracing and monitoring of the processing status and response to the ministry of foreign affairs regarding problem solving. But that`s not all: The early identification of errors that haven`t even been noticed by the ministry of foreign affairs yet, and their rectification, is another strength of the NCC. In addition, through customer-specific service level agreements, Triaton is obliged to ensure a specific minimum availability of the satellite links.

Triaton.Spaceline - best connections between heaven and earth

With ca. 1,800 installations in over 50 countries around the world, Triaton.Spaceline is among Europe`s leading satellite-supported communication services. Renowned companies such as Bosch Siemens, Dräxlmaier and TotalFinaElf are among the clientele, to name just a few.

The custom-tailored and economical satellite solution is based on the technical platform of the SkyWAN system, provided by our partner the "ND Satcom Gesellschaft für Satellitenkommunikationssysteme mbH". With over 20 years of experience, ND Satcom provides innovative system solutions, products and services for companies and customers in the telecommunication, Internet, broadcasting, governmental and military sectors worldwide. ND Satcom is owned to 90% by the AUGUSTA Technologie AG and to 10% by SES ASTRA and currently has 250 employees worldwide.

Triaton - The BusinessProcessor

The Triaton GmbH, headquartered in Krefeld, is a company of the ThyssenKrupp Serv AG. Triaton is among the leading international IT service providers. The company is active worldwide and has approximately 2,400 employees domestically and abroad; it generated ca. 360 million euro in revenues in the fiscal year 2000/01. Triaton`s aim is to support industrial companies` leap into the eConomy through holistic (plan, build, run) accompaniment of all business processes.

The company offers its customers solutions in the sense of one-stop shopping: solutions to globalize their processes, eBusiness solutions for their core business processes and outsourcing services for their secondary business processes. Solutions such as business intelligence, customer relationship management (CRM), document management, enterprise application integration (EAI), EDI/Web-EDI, eSales, eProcurement, portals, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) belong to its service portfolio. With ca. 500 operated systems, the company is one of Europe`s largest SAP R/3 service providers. As an experience specialist in "plan, build, run, improve" solutions to completely manage corporate networks for companies of all industries - from medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporate groups -, Triaton already successfully operates 2,500 installations in over 50 countries around the world. (Triaton.Spaceline former Spaceline Communication Services GmbH)


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