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Products and solutions, 2003-11-12, 01:00 AM

Archbishopric of Cologne places IT in Triaton's hands - Unique outsourcing project in Germany

The Krefeld-based Triaton GmbH took charge of the Cologne Archbishopric`s IT activities in October 2003. This involves the transfer of IT staff to the ThyssenKrupp Group`s IT service provider as well as the takeover of assets and represents the first outsourcing project with a Church institution nationwide.

Triaton is assuming responsibility for the operation of the whole IT infrastructure including the working of the computer center and applications, operation of local area and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), Internet access, and the running of security systems and the desktop service. Applications support for users and the problem management/HelpDesk facility will be provided by Triaton`s Telemanagement Center. "Thanks to the fundamental renewal of the IT infrastructure, the archbishopric`s objectives-network and system stability as well as user satisfaction-will be achieved extremely efficiently," explains Robert Stöckl, Head of Business Development Public & Health at Triaton.

In addition, some 35,000 salary statements are to be drawn up every month for the archbishopric and the parishes within the archbishopric. This service has been carried out since 2000 by the former ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services which during the past fiscal year was integrated into Triaton, supplementing the portfolio in the public administration and health care segments.

Upstream migration phase and interim operation

Even before the contract was concluded Triaton had assumed responsibility for the network. Replacement of the hardware belonging to over 1,000 users by desktops with the Windows XP operating system and Windows Exchange2000 server has been in progress since October 2003. The aim is to migrate the existing infrastructure to a modern client server architecture by the start of regular operation in April 2004. Until then Triaton will run the interim operation.

The IT department staff have been closely involved in the migration project since the outset. "During this period, we have had the opportunity to get to know the customer and their specific requirements very well. Conversely, the Archbishopric`s employees, who have now joined us, have been able to acquaint themselves with us and our working practices. This has made the transition much easier for both sides," notes Ömer Tasel, Manager of Onsite Services at Triaton, with confidence.

Contractually secured service quality and greater cost transparency

With almost 2.3 million Catholics, Cologne is the largest bishopric among Germany`s dioceses. A total of 660 users at the four main locations and additional branches in Cologne as well as 350 users in the local administrative units utilize the IT services that are provided centrally by the archbishopric`s computer center. The outsourcing of the data-processing department is intended to achieve several goals: apart from transferring the infrastructure to a sound and modern system environment the archbishopric is hoping for higher system availability and service quality through contractually protected SLAs (service level agreements). The IT costs are also an important aspect. As Werner Heer, Head of Administration at the Archiepiscopal Vicariate General in Cologne, explains: "In the current situation, the Church also has to reduce costs persistently so that it can continue to carry out its mission and fulfill its social commitments. IT services are certainly not a core business of the Church. However, we do need IT services of a consistently high quality on cost-effective terms. With Triaton we have found a reliable and efficient partner in this regard."

During the tendering process, Triaton won through against renowned rivals and will provide the archbishopric with IT services during the next five years worth over 10 million euros. The systems supplier is thus set to continue its encouraging performance of recent months into the new fiscal year.

Triaton - The BusinessProcessor

Triaton GmbH based in Krefeld is a ThyssenKrupp Services AG company and a leading IT service provider internationally. The company operates worldwide with a workforce of some 2,200 at home and abroad. In fiscal 2001/02, the systems supplier generated sales of about 351 million euros. Triaton was formed from the IT units of Thyssen, Krupp, Hoesch, and Hoechst and thanks to this background possesses longstanding industry-specific experience, especially in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, manufacturing and metal/paper/wood segments. Owing to the integration of the affiliate ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services during the past fiscal year, Triaton also maintains a presence in the public administration and health care sectors, offering a wide variety of services.


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