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Company News, 2002-11-18, 01:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp to partner PUR tour in 2003

PUR, Germany`s most successful pop group, is going back on tour from October 17 to December 12, 2003, playing 20 venues from Kiel to Zurich. They will have the backing of their partners, the ThyssenKrupp Group. Since the start of their cooperation in early 2001, PUR and ThyssenKrupp have already chalked up a number of highly successful joint projects. The band found the ThyssenKrupp image campaign so appealing that they agreed to allow their music to be used for advertising purposes for the first time. PUR`s hit "Abenteuerland", which plays a central role in the Group`s TV commercials and image film, soon became a kind of "anthem" for ThysenKrupp employees. A specially staged concert for more than 10,000 employees helped forge a new corporate identity. The previously unreleased English version of "Abenteuerland", entitled "Never-never-land" was brought out for the ThyssenKrupp commercial and on the ThyssenKrupp website, allowing the Group to make full use of its image media on the international markets. Dr. Jürgen Claassen, Head of Communications at ThyssenKrupp: "PUR`s honest and likeable image is in keeping with the values of the ThyssenKrupp brand. The cooperation is a key element of our branding strategy and has proved a hit with our employees, customers and business associates."


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