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Products and solutions, 2000-03-22, 01:00 AM

Blow molders from the Future Generation Technology series

Based on the premise that blow molders destined for success on the future world market will feature electric or hybrid drives, Fischer-W. Möller Blasformtechnik GmbH, Troisdorf/Germany is focusing on machines from its Future Generation Technology series (FGT). Since K ´98 the company´s range has not only been expanded but also systematically modernized. The positive experience gained with the fully electric FMB1 blow molder premiered at K ´98 has been key to these developments. Spring 2000 will see the unveiling of the first fully electric molder from the FMB4 series with a new direct-drive clamping system. The entire FMB4 range, available since 1997, is equipped with servo-electronic drives for most movements. However, molders with clamping forces in excess of 200 kN still feature hydraulic drives.

With the fully electric FMB4/4-100 blow molder Fischer-W. Müller is introducing a new user-friendly control system comprising an industry-standard PC and software developed by the Troisdorf-based company. Several orders have now been received for FMB4 molders with this new control system.

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