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Company News, 2008-09-25, 12:50 PM

ThyssenKrupp MillServices & Systems established

As from October 1, 2008, ThyssenKrupp Services AG is bundling its steel mill-related services under a new company by the name of ThyssenKrupp MillServices & Systems GmbH. Latter is a merger of the former DSU Gesellschaft für Dienstleistungen und Umwelttechnik, GVD Gesellschaft für Verpackungstechnik und Dienstleistungen, Nickel, ThyssenKrupp Anlagenservice and ThyssenKrupp Rema. The move is subject to approval by the German federal Cartel Office.

ThyssenKrupp MillServices & Systems is a highly capable engineering services provider with remarkable proficiency in the metal-producing and manufacturing industries as well as other sectors with complex production processes. Among its customers are notable steel makers such as ArcelorMittal, Corus, Salzgitter, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke and of course ThyssenKrupp as well as producers and processors of nonferrous metals as Hydro Aluminium, plant and equipment manufacturers in this industry as SMS and Siemens VAI, and sheet-metal processors.

The product portfolio embraces the entire value-adding chain: from slag management via in-plant logistics and materials handling to in-production support and maintenance, packaging and project business. The advantage for customers: an all-in single-source service concept from a supplier commanding longstanding experience and contributing innovative ideas in effective production cycle integration.
In all these areas the Company provides round-the-clock availability and high standards in terms of occupational safety and environmental protection, backed by internationally certified safety and quality standards.

"This `full-service menu´ for all production areas – such as we provide – is unavailable elsewhere and this competitive edge we intend to strategically exploit in expanding our business: in Germany and Europe as well as Brazil and North America," is how CEO Jörg Stojan summarizes business potential.

ThyssenKrupp MillServices & Systems has a workforce of around 2,200 in Europe and sales of over €250 million. Management Board members are: Jörg Stojan (CEO), Jörg Schürmann (Vice Chairman), Herbert Pöpperling, Ulf Reichardt and Werner Weyenberg. The registered office is in Duisburg, the headquarters of the new company will be Oberhausen.

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