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Company News, 2010-06-16, 02:00 PM

ThyssenKrupp Quarter to be opened / Workplace for more than 2,000 employees / Three-year construction period for new head office / Date set for construction of daycare center

After a construction period of three years the new corporate headquarters of ThyssenKrupp AG – the ThyssenKrupp Quarter – will be officially inaugurated on June 17. The consolidation of its administrative offices at the traditional locations of Essen and Duisburg marks the start of a new epoch for the Group. The Quarter in Essen – combining administrative offices previously spread over various sites – will become the heart of the whole Group. Ralph Labonte, member of the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp AG: “The opening of the ThyssenKrupp Quarter begins a new chapter in our corporate history. The opening is a symbol of change and the start of a new future for ThyssenKrupp in Essen.”

The decision to build the new headquarters in Essen and thus consolidate administration in Essen and Duisburg was made in 2006. The ambitious aim behind the new headquarters was set out in the guidelines for the architectural competition: “The ThyssenKrupp Quarter is to become a symbol for the forward-looking, sustainable development of the Group.” Realization of the winning bid by JSWD Architekten and Chaix & Morel et associés, who form the consortium “Architekten ThyssenKrupp Quartier”, began with the symbolic groundbreaking on June 12, 2007. The foundation stone laying took place on September 5, 2008, while the topping-out ceremony was held on July 17, 2009.

The modern architecture, split over several buildings, stands for dialogue and knowledge sharing between the more than 2,000 employees who will have their new workplace here.

The aim of creating an architectural appearance that was as transparent and homogenous as possible was met in full. More than 300 firms have worked on the project, and in the final stages more than 1,500 specialists in the various trades were at work on the site every day.

The ThyssenKrupp Academy and two further administrative buildings will follow in a second development phase. Their construction had been postponed. Construction of the child daycare center will begin immediately. The center underlines ThyssenKrupp’s efforts to allow employees to combine family and career. The Company also attaches importance to fostering the all-round development of pre-school children and awakening their curiosity for science and technology.

One of the highlights of the ThyssenKrupp Quarter is the cube-shaped centerpiece “Q1”. Its height of 50 meters and its distinctive, expressive shape will make it a real eye-catcher for visitors. More than 500 employees will move into their offices here shortly. Building “Q2”, the Forum, will house several conference rooms seating up to 1,000 people, a staff restaurant, guest restaurant and a “Room of Tranquility”. The Q2 forum is a place for meetings and project work – a true hub of communication. The ThyssenKrupp Quarter will be complemented by buildings Q5 and Q7. They will form an architectural ensemble with Q1 and the Q2 forum, offering space for another 220 and 300 employees respectively.

Aside from the architecture of the buildings, the grounds also have a lot to offer. Around 700 trees, numerous green spaces and an over 200 meter long, 30 meter wide water axis will enhance the micro climate of the entire site. They form an integral part of our design for modern working.

Demands for sustainable use of raw material resources were met in the design and construction of the buildings and the grounds. The heat/cold in the ground will be used for geothermal heating and cooling, while heat will be recovered from the waste air from the offices. A newly developed sunshade system consisting of some 400,000 centrally controlled slats will ensure pleasant indoor temperatures. The rainwater falling on the roofs of the ThyssenKrupp Quarter will be fed to the lake in the neighboring Krupp Park. From there it will be fed into the Emscher river, where it will help improve water quality.

Ralph Labonte: “The new ThyssenKrupp Quarter creates identity. Part of that identity is a clear commitment to the home of our company. With the Quarter we are contributing actively to the changing image and structure of the Ruhr. And we are saying yes to North Rhine-Westphalia.”

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