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Products and solutions, 2004-01-08, 01:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp Industrieservice - Services for industry

WIG renamed

The name is new, the services unchanged in their reliability. Since January 1, 2004, WIG Industrieinstandhaltung GmbH has renamed itself ThyssenKrupp Industrieservice GmbH (TKIN). The new name emphasizes that the company is a provider of complete services packages for industry, extending far beyond mainstream maintenance. ThyssenKrupp Industrieservice specializes in a multitude of skills ranging from maintenance, inspection and repair of plant and machinery via dismantling, reassembly and installation to in-plant logistics for waste and materials handling. Set up in 1965, this longstanding company has belonged to the ThyssenKrupp Group since 1989 where it closely intermeshes with other group competencies.

As far as customers are concerned, the advantages and benefits continue to expand. The nationwide branch network in Germany with altogether 60 locations (six ThyssenKrupp Industrieservice regions: Bavaria, Central, North, Southcentral, Southwest, and West) assure rapid response times. The wide array of services available for customers leads to reduced interfaces and customers have only one point of contact that itself coordinates internal workflows. The outcome: smooth and swift project cycling. ThyssenKrupp Industrieservice will continue to offer its services to all sectors of industry and for all types of plant and machinery and thus be available, accessible, and advantageous for every type of customer.


Ulrike Grönefeld
Phone (+49- 211) 967-5792
Fax (+49-211) 967-5483

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