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Company News, 2009-09-15, 12:32 PM

Apprenticeship year 2009 begins successfully at ThyssenKrupp Nirosta with 82 young people

82 young men and women began their vocational training at the Bochum, Düsseldorf-Benrath, Dillenburg, Dahlerbrück and Krefeld plants on August 31, 2008, taking the total number of young people in apprenticeship training in the Nirosta group to 326, corresponding to an apprentice ratio of 7.2 percent. Particularly pleasing is the fact that the number of young women opting for an industrial/commercial apprenticeship has edged steadily higher in recent years.

Like every year, the new recruits met up for a five-day introductory seminar in Wuppertal. As well as providing information about the training program it gave the apprentices a chance to get to know each other and take part in leisure activities together. One particular highlight was the “apprentice fitness day”, with practical exercises devoted to health, fitness and nutrition. This introductory week is part of the systematic apprenticeship policy which the stainless steel company has been pursuing for many years.

ThyssenKrupp Nirosta gives applicants from all types of schools an equal chance of an apprenticeship: More than 60% of the apprentices come from secondary general (Hauptschule) or intermediate secondary (Realschule) schools. This is part of the company’s commitment to the community. Through partnerships and joint projects with schools in the vicinity of all its plants, ThyssenKrupp Nirosta actively encourages vocational orientation for year eight to ten students. 20 new apprentices came from these schools this year alone.

Since 2004 the company has been offering 16 internship places each year for young people who have not found an apprenticeship place after September 1. The program is part of the training pact between government and industry. This year, another nine young people graduated from the program to a full apprenticeship.

Another investment in vocational training is the “Young and Old for Nirosta” program, introduced in 2005 in response to demographic change. This program is focused among other things on optimizing the age structure of the workforce and systematically transferring knowledge from old to young.

The ultimate aim of vocational training is to be able to integrate graduates into the company afterwards. ThyssenKrupp Nirosta guarantees the 15 best graduates each year a permanent contract immediately and offers all others a temporary contract lasting at least two years. In this way the Nirosta group secures a stream of highly skilled young talent for the company.

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