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Products and solutions, 2002-04-15, 02:00 AM

New innovative rear-axle bracket for Volkswagen cars

Hoesch Hohenlimburg feedstock supplier

Until now axle bracket designs have comprised a V-shaped torsional section made of hot-rolled strip. As part of a general effort to improve the chassis, the rear-axle design of the VW Polo was optimized, also affecting other Volkswagen group models based on the same platform such as the Audi A2, Skoda Fabia and Seat Ibiza.

By using a special boron steel variant of the hot-rolled medium strip from Hoesch Hohenlimburg it was possible to produce a longitudinally welded tube from which the rear-axle bracket can be formed. This significantly enhanced the strength of the component, allowing reduced material thickness.

The hot-rolled special strip from Hoesch Hohenlimburg with its narrow rolling width of max. 700 mm is the basis for a number of innovative solutions for partners of the automobile construction and supply industries. Thanks to its specific properties, such as extremely close thickness tolerances in longitudinal and transverse directions together with premium surface quality, uniform material properties and application-compatible microstructures, the medium strip from Hoesch Hohenlimburg can meet exacting customer demands.

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