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Company News, 2007-06-06, 10:11 AM

Comments on press speculation

ThyssenKrupp comments as follows on a report in Focus Online on June 5, 2007:

Dr. Ekkehard Schulz, Executive Board Chairman of ThyssenKrupp AG, has not been approached by anyone regarding becoming chairman of the future RAG foundation. The speculation that has appeared in the press is therefore completely unfounded. Dr. Ekkehard Schulz will fulfil his contract as Executive Board Chairman of ThyssenKrupp AG and implement the investment program resolved by the Supervisory Board of ThyssenKrupp AG for profitable growth of the Group.

Dr. Ekkehard Schulz says: “I have not been approached regarding taking on the position of chairman of the RAG foundation. I intend to fulfil my contract with ThyssenKrupp AG. As an engineer I am looking forward to implementing the growth strategy of the ThyssenKrupp Group and our major investment projects in Brazil and the USA. My personal plans for the time after my contract with ThyssenKrupp AG do not include becoming chairman of the RAG foundation.”

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