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Products and solutions, 2006-10-24, 09:04 AM

PLADUR®-Wrinkle for steel roof tiles

Making steel look like ceramic is a cinch for the Color Profit Center of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG. The Profit Center specializes in organic finishes - paint or polymer films applied to steel sheet by coil coating. PLADUR®-Wrinkle is a paint coating that owes its name to its special wrinkly surface. The finish gives the steel the appearance of ceramic roof tiles. PLADUR®-Wrinkle is used among other things for sandwich panels and profiled steel sheets for roofing.

At Euroblech, the Color Profit Center will be exhibiting steel roof tiling profiles with PLADUR®-Wrinkle coating. Taborsky, an Austrian manufacturer based near Vienna, procures the coated steel from the Color Profit Center and forms it on profiling lines into a shape just like roof tiling. However there are two major differences: using the one meter wide and up to eight meter long profiles, roofs can be covered much faster than with ceramic tiles. Plus: the steel roofing weighs only 4.8 kilograms per square meter, a fraction of the weight of conventional tiles (roughly 40 kilograms per square meter).

With these properties the profiles are also suitable for roofing repairs, because in most cases the existing roof truss does not have to be replaced when steel tiling is used. In new building projects too, steel roof tiling can save time and money for laying and substructures. The roof tile look can also be used on flatter roofs. Steel tiling profiles can be laid at roof pitches as low as ten degrees without water penetrating the joints. Ceramic roof tiles can only be used upwards of 30 degrees.

The substrate for PLADUR®-Wrinkle is two-side hot-dip galvanized sheet. The top has a 35 micrometer thick Wrinkle coating and the rear is covered with a roughly eight micrometer thick backing coat. Compared with well-known matt paints the Wrinkle coating is less sensitive to dirt and easier to clean. The material is available in the colors light and dark brown, green, red, black and gray-black.

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