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Products and solutions, 2002-09-11, 02:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp Umformtechnik develops sheet metal trailing arm design - Significant weight reduction

Increasing ride comfort and payload while maintaining good handling and drive dynamics is also a key development objective for light trucks. Achieving this places great demands on the suspension system, regardless of whether the vehicle has rigid axles or independent suspension. At the 2002 IAA commercial vehicles show, Thyssen Krupp Umformtechnik - a specialist in the development of axle components - is presenting a design for a trailing arm rear axle which offers significant weight reductions.

This trailing arm design is suitable for a wide variety of light trucks, including front-axle, rear-axle or all-wheel drives. The arm can be optimized to the available packaging space. This innovative sheet metal design offers distinct weight advantages (20 - 30 percent) versus cast or forged versions, while the use of new-generation materials and improved surface protection (e.g. hot-dip galvanizing) also meet stringent corrosion-protection requirements.

Especially for light trucks, where payload is closely linked to vehicle weight, and comfort for both passengers and sensitive cargoes is of greater importance than in bigger trucks, the trailing arm rear axle design offers clear advantages over other axle variants.

Picture: Model of the innovative sheet metal trailing arm from ThyssenKrupp Umformtechnik.
<small>Copyright: ThyssenKrupp Automotive</small>

Picture: The new trailing arm from ThyssenKrupp Umformtechnik is attached to the rear axle Subframe.
<small>Copyright: ThyssenKrupp Automotive</small>

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