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Company News, 2012-06-29, 11:00 AM

Expansion of Wehofen-Nord landfill: ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe submits planning application

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe today submitted a planning application to Düsseldorf district government to expand the Wehofen-Nord landfill by a third development phase. On the basis of the application the authority will carry out the formal planning approval procedure which culminates in planning approval.

The district government will first review the application – which comprises roughly 1,500 pages and fills 10 files – for completeness. Once completeness has been established, the application will be presented for comments to other affected authorities and public interest organizations such as nature conservation associations and the Emschergenossenschaft water management association. The application will also be posted for public inspection in Duisburg and Dinslaken. Any objections from affected citizens and the comments from the authorities and organizations will later be addressed at a public hearing.

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe will submit 30 copies of the planning application to the district government. To make it easier for the public to obtain detailed information on the project, the company will also post the documents on the website as soon as the authorities have established their completeness.

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe informed the public about the planned landfill expansion well in advance of the application for planning approval. Between February and May 2012, the company participated in four “round table” meetings moderated by Pastor Ronny Schneider and took questions from the people of Dinslaken on the landfill expansion. Citizens were also offered a behind the scenes tour of the landfill which gave them a clearer picture of the planned expansion.

The round table discussions were documented on the landfill website, which also reported on other current developments. The district government, which sent an observer to the round table sessions, praised ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe’s transparency and the way it involved local citizens and intends to recommend that future applicants take a similar approach.

The Wehofen-Nord landfill is part of the Wehofen landfill and dump site, which has been in operation since 1935. Wehofen-Nord is the only active landfill operated by ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe and is classified as a type I site for the disposal of non-hazardous waste materials. ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe intends to use the planned third development phase to deposit slag, rocks, construction rubble, excavated soil and road sweepings. This will amount to some 800,000 tons of material per year. The waste comes from the company’s integrated iron and steel mill in the north of Duisburg, just six kilometers away as the crow flies. From there the materials can be transported directly to the site without passing through any built-up areas. More information:

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