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Products and solutions, 2004-03-29, 02:00 AM

Rasselstein Hoesch: ANDRAFOL® cable armoring

Fiber optic cables transport large amounts of data at high speed. They are the backbone of the information superhighway. To protect the expensive cables, which are usually buried underground, armoring with plastic-coated steel tape has proved the most effective solution. At Wire 2004 in Düsseldorf (hall 12, booth D21), Rasselstein Hoesch GmbH is presenting its product for this application - ANDRAFOL®.

Based in Andernach, Rasselstein Hoesch is one of the world`s leading tinplate manufacturers. The steel armor for the glass cable is made of electrolytically chrome-coated black plate which has an additional blue plastic coating on each side. ANDRAFOL® protects the fiber optic cables against mechanical damage and vibrations during roadbuilding, prevents rodents from destroying the cables and acts as a barrier against water or acids.

Absolute precision is vital during manufacture: the steel tape is rolled from hot-rolled strip to a thickness of 0.15 millimeters at the Andernach plant of Rasselstein Hoesch GmbH. The chrome coating is applied electrolytically in a thickness of approximately 0.01 micrometers. The thickness of the plastic coating is 50 micrometers on each side. ANDRAFOL® is supplied as slit strip in widths upwards of ten millimeters.

Rasselstein Hoesch is the only manufacturer to cover the entire production chain itself, from cold rolling to plastic coating to packaging. For customers this means they can rely on fast response and delivery times. Another advantage is that the substrate and plastic coating on ANDRAFOL® are thinner than on many comparable products but offer the same strength and durability. ANDRAFOL® can therefore be used to protect more meters of cable per ton of steel tape. Because orders are billed by weight this makes using the product particularly cost-effective for Rasselstein Hoesch customers.

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