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Company News, 2008-10-13, 11:30 AM

Premium pump service

Sulzer Pumps Deutschland GmbH and ThyssenKrupp Xervon have concluded a cooperation agreement for the south-eastern region of Germany where Sulzer so far has not had its own service station. To this end, a new service station has been set up and fitted out in the Münchsmünster industrial park.

What this alliance means in practical terms: short distances, quick availability of parts, a reduction in travel and transport costs, and ready access to skilled labor. The purpose is ensure maximum life-time availability of plant and equipment used by the (petro)chemical, paper and pulp industries. Pumps play a critical role in the process industry and hence their professional maintenance, upkeep and repair are essential to plant availability and in the event of any failures, speed of response is of the essence.

Sulzer Pumps is one of the world’s foremost developers and suppliers of rotary or impeller pumps, with a range reaching from complex “one-offs” to a broad array of series products. Sulzer is also famed for its outstanding engineering services for all kinds of pumps and it is precisely in this area that the company is now joining forces with experienced services provider ThyssenKrupp Xervon for whom pump servicing is long been an established tradition as pert of its all-in line-up for the (petro)chemical industry.

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