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Company News, 2012-03-15, 12:40 PM

ThyssenKrupp Mannex to market innovative offshore foundation

ThyssenKrupp Mannex GmbH has entered into an agreement with Maritime Offshore Group, a company specializing in offshore engineering, foundations and cable laying, on the exclusive marketing of the innovative offshore foundation “Hexabase”.

“The Hexabase foundation is a jacket design which was developed specifically for offshore wind turbines and differs significantly from previously known solutions,” explains Tilo Quink, Chairman of the Management Board of ThyssenKrupp Mannex GmbH. Design-related weight savings, a modular method of construction with mainly standardized materials and dimensions, shorter fabrication and delivery times, and the possibility of dynamic adjustment to different water depths are other significant advantages.

ThyssenKrupp Mannex is thus taking over a major role in the supply chain, and with its global material sourcing capabilities and freedom of choice of production site for fabricating the jacket will be able to manage the complete supply chain and optimize costs. After more than 40 years’ experience as a material and parts supplier for the international offshore oil and gas sector, and almost 20 years in the onshore wind energy sector, the company is now focusing its attention on the offshore wind sector – and the patented Hexabase jacket will play a key role in this.

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