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Products and solutions, 2005-02-25, 09:56 AM

Heavy Plate Profit Center has its own steel service center in Chile

The Heavy Plate Profit Center of ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG now has its own steel service center in Chile. ThyssenKrupp Aceros y Servicios, based in Santiago de Chile, will mainly sell special structural steel plates and processed blanks to customers in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay. The new subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG will give the Heavy Plate Profit Center direct access to one of the world?s most important markets for high-strength and wear-resistant special structural steels. The materials will mainly be used in machinery and equipment for the numerous mines in the region.

With more than 100 employees, ThyssenKrupp Aceros y Servicios operates a main warehouse in Santiago as well as further warehouses near Concepcion and in Puerto Mont as well as in Antofagasta in the south of the country. On the roughly 30,000 square meter site in Santiago the company can store around 10,000 tons of special structural steel plate. To meet increasing demand for machined and processed or cold formed blanks, ThyssenKrupp Aceros y Servicios has modern processing equipment such as a four-roll bending machine, dry and underwater plasma cutting facilities and flame cutting equipment.

Joint development projects with plate customers are also part of the company?s services. For example, ThyssenKrupp Aceros y Servicios teamed up with the Chilean dump truck body manufacturer DT Hi Load to develop a lightweight dump body made entirely of the wear-resistant special structural steel XAR® PLUS. In comparison with conventional bodies constructed from simple structural steels with welded-on wear plates, the new solution offers weight savings and greater loading capacity.

XAR® PLUS, with a hardness of 450 Brinell, high toughness and good processing properties, has been particularly successful on the Chilean market. A new development for applications involving extremely high frictional wear is XAR® SUPRA, a steel with even higher hardness, which the Heavy Plate Profit Center of ThyssenKrupp Stahl predicts will be similarly successful to XAR® PLUS.

The Heavy Plate Profit Center of ThyssenKrupp Stahl is one of the world?s leading manufacturers of quenched and tempered, high-strength and wear-resistant special structural steel plates, which make steel structures not only lighter and more durable but also more cost efficient. The special structural steels in the XAR® series have proven particularly wear-resistant and long-lasting in highly stressed steel structures such as in dump trucks or earthmoving equipment. For the construction of mobile cranes, quenched and tempered N-A-XTRA® and XABO® plates with very close thickness tolerances are used to reduce deadweight and increase lift capacities.

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