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Company News, 2002-08-30, 02:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp has the best annual report

German business journal `manager magazin` has awarded this year`s prize for best annual report to ThyssenKrupp AG. Last year the Group ranked 2nd among the DAX 30 stocks and 4th overall. The Chairman of ThyssenKrupp AG`s Executive Board, Prof. Dr. Ekkehard D. Schulz, accepted the award in Frankfurt. "Communication can never be an end in itself. Just as our customers determine the success of our products and services, good communications must be tailored to the needs of our markets. Especially in difficult times, open communication is a key asset", said Schulz.

The jury awarded ThyssenKrupp`s 2000/2001 annual report 79.29 from a possible 100 points, placing it first overall ahead of around 260 other reports.

The theme of the 2000/2001 annual report was "Global Views"; alongside facts, figures and strategies, the report highlighted the Group`s relations with its customers, shareholders, employees and society, inviting the reader to discover the world of ThyssenKrupp. It makes for an exciting journey of discovery, for ThyssenKrupp unites some 190,000 people around the globe, working together on future developments, taking responsibility and stating their points of view.

The very first pages of the annual report make up a kind of mission statement for the Group, covering fundamental issues such as the environment, employee empowerment, training, research and development, and sustainability.

The colorful Global Views scattered throughout the report show employees from all levels of the Group in their working environments, their achievements, products and views of operating facilities.

You can order the 2000/2001 annual report on the ThyssenKrupp website ( or download it as a file. The contents can also be viewed in an online version, while the tables are additionally available in Excel format.


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