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Products and solutions, 2000-03-20, 01:00 AM

Elevators segment: New orders for Thyssen Fahrtreppen

Thyssen Fahrtreppen GmbH is to deliver 17 Velino FT 823 escalators for the new Eksiler Shopping Center in Istanbul. The angle of inclination for these escalators ranges from 30 to 35 degrees and the rise from 4.10 to 4.50 meters. The 1,000 millimeter high glass balustrades integrate virtually invisible handrails. The FT 823 has the most sophisticated design of all models in Thyssen Fahrtreppen's Velino range; on request it can also be supplied with glass outer panels and mirrored skirt band linings. Velino escalators are particularly durable and have low maintenance requirements, thanks among other things to the new ETA drive introduced by Thyssen Fahrtreppen and the rounded balustrade head with a 440 millimeter radius in which the handrail is guided on ball bearings to prevent rapid wear.

Further north in Copenhagen, Thyssen escalators and passenger walkways are also taking the strain out of shopping. Thyssen Fahrtreppen is supplying six Loire 692 moving walkways and twelve Velino 822 escalators for TEK Fisketorvet, a shopping mall in the center of the Danish capital with some 80 shops. The escalators have 800 millimeter wide steps and a 35 degree incline. Rise heights are between 5.50 and 5.90 meters. The walkways will transfer shoppers from the parking areas to the mall, rising in the process by six, 5.90 and 5.50 meters.

In Bavaria's regional capital Munich, Thyssen escalators provide safe and comfortable access to the subway system. Thyssen Fahrtreppen GmbH is to supply 13 escalators for the Munich subway rising between 4.32 and 8.16 meters. Each of the escalators has a standby facility which also allows the unit to run up or down in line with requirements: a light barrier monitors the full one meter width of the steps and provides the required information on how the escalator is being used; indicator lights show passengers which way the escalator is running. The diagnostic system for the escalators is linked to the central control room in the subway, allowing the operators to arrange for required maintenance work in good time and remedy any problems as quickly as possible.

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