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Products and solutions, 2000-09-22, 02:00 AM

Japanese truck manufacturers use stabilizer links from Krupp Hoesch Federn

Krupp Hoesch Federn GmbH (KHF) manufactures innovative stabilizer links to guide and stabilize the axles on heavy trucks with air suspension. The component was originally developed in 1996 by DaimlerChrysler for its new Actros heavy truck generation, and has also been used in volume production since January 2000 by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. In a few weeks KHF will start supplying stabilizer links to a further Japanese truck manufacturer from its Werdohl facility.

The secret of its success: the stabilizer link allows savings on weight, cost, parts count and maintenance by combining axle guidance and roll control func-tions in a single component. It is made of a torsion tube widened at both ends and two rolled arms with bearing bushing, which are welded together and jointly heat treated. In vehicles with air suspension the stabilizer link substitutes two trailing links and the stabilizer bar. Combining these functions in one component also renders various supports and bearings superfluous. The kinematic properties of suspensions with stabilizer links match those of conventional suspensions with A-arms and trailing links.

Krupp Hoesch Federn GmbH is part of the Systems/Suspensions business unit of ThyssenKrupp Automotive.

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