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Products and solutions, 2005-12-05, 02:38 PM

Full service at a fixed price

There are good reasons for pump servicing agreements. These certainly include higher plant availability, fewer failures, longer service life, manageable costs and a reduction in interfaces. But it is not until an emergency arises and repairs have to be carried out that you discover how effectively, comprehensively and quickly the offered services are actually performed. ThyssenKrupp Xervon offers all operators and even manufacturers of such rotating equipment, i.e. pumps and compressors, a range of services covering everything from one-off maintenance and repair jobs to complete maintenance packages at a fixed price.

Whatever is called for - predictive maintenance by vibration monitoring (condition monitoring), weak point analysis, routine maintenance, prompt individual repairs, conversion work or the handling of the complete parts management, and integration of all maintenance processes in SAP - the range of activities offered by the industrial services provider is broad and, above all, independent of any specific make. "We can maintain and repair practically any pump type, and it really doesn´t matter which manufacturer´s name is on it," explains Andreas Freutsmiedl, Regional Manager South at ThyssenKrupp Xervon. "We handle purchasing and installation and if, for instance, any connections have to be modified, we take care of them as well," says Freutsmiedl, outlining the extensive offering. Few services providers take such a comprehensive approach and are so familiar with so many makes. This can cover anything from a simple repair on call through to a comprehensive maintenance package inclusive of purchasing, storage, coordination of all the trades (cranes, insulation, transport, scaffold erection, piping, electrical connections, etc.). "We know all about pipeline engineering and steel construction, and are fully conversant with the fittings and the associated measurement and instrumentation equipment," says Regional Manager Freutsmiedl.

Working mainly for the chemical and petrochemical industries, ThyssenKrupp Xervon has been providing maintenance services for many years. The industrial services provider analyses and advises, carries out repairs and maintenance, takes care of parts and materials handling, and autonomously organizes and carries out large-scale shutdowns.

Maintenance expertise

This mastery of complete process chains is also mirrored by the pump services it provides. In the southern region alone, about 70 employees concerned with machine maintenance are constantly on hand. Whatever the specialty - warehousing, scheduling, hydraulics or mechanical engineering - these are all skilled staff with all the requisite knowledge of plant assembly, pipeline construction, apparatus repairs, materials handling, drive technology, electrics, and measurement and control instrumentation. All in all the southern region employs about 600 employees.

Well-stocked central workshop

Minor craft jobs are handled in situ. In the case of maintenance agreements running for an extended period, the company sets up a workshop on the customer´s site. All other tasks are performed by the excellently equipped central workshop in Münchsmünster Industrial Park (near Ingolstadt). With its roughly 2,000 square meters of space, the workshop has everything that´s needed for proficient pump repairs. No item of equipment leaves the certified site (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SCC, specialist workshop in accordance with Art. 191 of the German Water Resources Act) until proper working order has been assured.

Also available is the possibility of integrating all maintenance information in an SAP network. All the work processes and steps concerned with pump maintenance can be adopted in the customer´s own SAP without any interfacing problems. "This is where we find ourselves on an equal footing with big industrial customers," Freutsmiedl stresses. The strategy has paid off. At a southern German refinery, for instance, ThyssenKrupp Xervon has accepted overall responsibility for over 500 pumps for a fixed price - inclusive of cost reductions, improvement of availability and failure rate, documentation, and parts management in SAP.

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