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Products and solutions, 2006-04-20, 03:00 PM

ThyssenKrupp Marine System delivers third fuel cell submarine

On April 20th, the third fuel cell propelled submarine "U 33" was delivered to the German Office for Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) at ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems' Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) in Kiel. It is the third out of a series of four Class 212A submarines for the German Navy built by HDW in Kiel and Nordseewerke in Emden.

The new submarine Class 212A is characterised by an air-independent propulsion system using the hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell plant, which produces electrical energy from oxygen and hydrogen, allows the submarine to cruise under water for weeks without surfacing, whereas submarines powered by the traditional diesel-electric engine have to reload their batteries on surface every two days. In addition, the fuel cell makes no noise and produces no give-away exhaust heat. Together with the extremely favourable signatures and the boat's detection and weapon systems, the fuel cell plant makes the submarine virtually undetectable.

"U 33" was christened at HDW in 2004 on September 13th. The commissioning will take place in June 2006. The first boats - "U 31" and "U 32" - have been delivered in September 2005 and officially commissioned at the German submarine base in Eckernförde in October 2005. The delivery of the last boat "U 34" is scheduled for the end of this year.

Main characteristics:・ Length overall: ca. 56 m
・ Max. height: ca. 11,5 m
・ Max. hull diameter: ca. 7,0 m
・ Displacement: ca. 1450 t
・ Pressure hull: non-magnetizable steel
・ Integrated steering and rudder system
・ Guidance and arms deployment system
・ X-rudder

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