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Products and solutions, 2002-11-07, 01:00 AM

DSU launches new mineral material for asphalt road surfaces

Service and environmental technology specialist DSU has launched LiDonit®, to date the only recycled LD steel mill slag in Germany which can also be used in asphalt road surfaces. Based on the German RG Min-StB guidelines for monitoring the quality of mineral materials in road construction, and following more than three years of intensive testing on the ThyssenKrupp plant site, the new product was certified for use in public road construction projects at the beginning of this year.

LD slag is formed during steel production using a technique developed in Linz and Donawitz (both in Austria). LiDonit® is produced by adding silicates and oxygen to the still liquid slag to prevent possible expansion and guarantee stability. Under quality monitoring regulations, its construction- and environment-related parameters are subjected to regular internal and external checks to guarantee a high-quality building material product.

Asphalt is normally made from natural stone, bitumen and limestone powder. LiDonit® delivers both high grip - similar to natural graywacke and diabase - and the kind of strength normally associated with materials such as basalt. It is also extremely weather-resistant. These properties combine with excellent bitumen adhesion to provide a construction material for safe, long-lasting roads.

There are two further aspects which make LiDonit® an attractive alternative for modern road construction applications. Firstly, the requirements for grip as laid down in the German regulation ZTV Asphalt - StB 01 on the use of asphalt for road surfaces have been legally binding since the beginning of the year. With its positive characteristics, LiDonit® can help prevent accidents by reducing braking distances and allowing improved road holding during cornering. The second key benefit of LiDonit® relates to the environment: using LiDonit® to produce asphalt instead of natural stone helps conserve resources.

DSU`s main line of business is recycling steel mill residues. All the slag arising at Europe`s largest steelmaking plant is processed at the company`s Duisburg branch. Other branches are located in Brandenburg an der Havel, Hennigsdorf, Krefeld and Witten. DSU`s service offering takes in slag management, production support, transportation logistics, finishing service, environmental technology and the marketing of mineral materials. As a certified disposal specialist with a quality assurance system to DIN ISO 9001, DSU guarantees high product and service quality at all times.


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